About Us

History and Ethics

Founded in 2005 by Managing Director Chris Haworth, Kudos Exhibitions has seen progressive growth, providing turnkey solutions to companies of all sizes in a variety of sectors. Our continued expansion allows us to serve the whole of the UK effectively and efficiently, where we have now extending this same level of service to venues across Europe. Chris is still actively involved in the day-to-day running of our business ensuring that whether you deal with him or another member of our team, you will always receive a personal and professional service.

Chris describes that our mission statement is simple, "to provide every customer with a professional, reliable and affordable service, whilst maintaining a personal touch".

Ecological policy

As an environmentally responsible organisation, all our stands are designed to limit or eliminate product waste wherever possible. Our innovative plug and play electrical – saves wastage of cable while still enabling a truly bespoke stand to be provided without compromising on quality.

When it comes to stand flooring wherever possible, our stand designers will talk to you about how to reduce your carbon footprint while creating your perfect stand. Usual practice within the exhibition industry is to dispose of flooring once the event is closed. Here at Kudos Exhibitions, we donate our used carpets to local housing charities so that your stand carpet could be offered to someone less fortunate. Where carpet is not suitable for charity donation, we will use this for packaging material helping to reduce our carbon footprint further.

LED/Low energy lighting - as part of our commitment to reducing our CO2, we are currently introducing low energy or LED lighting into our offices, warehouse and workshops. We have also introduced a phased-in upgrade program to use LED or Low energy lighting on our exhibition stands wherever possible.

When planning our logistics, we ensure the correct sized vehicle for the job is selected to helps us maintain our low CO2 output.